From the Desk of Chairman

It is invariably difficult to pen the first message. I am a bit nervous as how to start. 5 years of my tenure as member of Managing Committee has passed by in a jiffy. I firmly believe that "Life is a gift of God to us and how we live is a return gift to that almighty". Chairmanship of Faridabad Branch is a boon to me and I am confident to serve it with utmost dedication and best of ability. Being a member of this noble Profession and my experience as member of Managing Committee of branch office there is blue Print and vision in my mind anMEd heart to take this branch to further heights.
I am a Positive thinker and believe that unparalleled professional opportunities are available for the Profession and only need is to tap it in an honest and Professional manner. I assure to each member of the Profession and branch in Particular that I will leave no stone untouched while discharging my duties and responsibilities. I assure to tackle the responsibilities bestowed upon me throughout my tenure tirelessly and to the best of my knowledge, skill and ability. I suppose it would not be an overstatement to define 2018 as the year of opportunities, I am hopeful that with your Support and guidance Branch would be able to initiate new reforms and meet out the expectation of each and every member and other stakeholders.
It is often observed that to achieve excellence in shortest possible time we tend to under prioritize essentials or basics. It therefore becomes imperative to consolidate, work on the basics before again accelerating the journey of excellence. It is equivalent to tiger taking few steps back for a great leap forward or just taking arrow back to hit the target faster. In the initial phase, our focus is also to consolidate and concentrate working more on the basics, before we could achieve newer heights.
One of additional theme for the year is exploring new horizons. The pace of change is so dynamic that traditional requirement of our profession is expanding by leaps and bounds. We members are also required to keep up the pace with the current trends. The professional excellence is more about being equipped to perform which precedes by intention to perform. We at Faridabad Branch will put concentrated effort to equip our members to "explore new horizons"
Few ideas towards the object of making members more equipped to explore new horizons are :
We have planned to come up with idea of sharing of experiences by experts who are practicing in non-traditional areas with our members. Members serving clients outside India by keeping their office base in Faridabad or their own city shall share their experiences with the members in this series.
There are lots of issues that do not get resolved through academic books or seminars/conferences and need to be dealt with on case to case basis. Branch therefore has come up with idea of TAX and Problem Solution CLINIC, wherein experts of concerned fields will be available at the Branch to resolve queries of the members on individual basis with full confidentiality.
We have decided to open portal for all the members who wish to offer themselves for jobs anywhere in India. Branch shall attempt to empanel the employers throughout the Country on this portal. It is also planned to list the CA students who have completed their articles' training and wish to offer themselves for employment. The employers for such candidates shall also be empanelled on this portal.
So let us consolidate, tighten the seat belt and then zoom towards the journey of professional excellence...!
CA. Pradeep Kaushik,
(Chairman of Faridabad Branch of NIRC of ICAI.)
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